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Engineering case studies

Medical Technology Company:
Quality staffing solution meets employer’s high standards

THE CHALLENGE. The Incoming Quality Lab at a large medical technology company was using a high number of contract staff to handle a large volume of work. To maintain its standards, the Lab needed to recruit top talent for short-term projects, but they were not getting quality candidates for the positions from other staffing firms. There were continual issues of performance and retention that needed to be resolved.

THE ACTION PLAN. Ware Technology Services assessed the situation with Lab Managers/Supervisors and recommended hiring entry-level engineers, who would be more technically competent and professional, to fill their contract positions. Ware Technology Services demonstrated that paying a slightly higher rate to get highly-trained talent, was a great value

THE RESULT. Ware Technology Services partnered with the Incoming Quality Supervisor to help reduce turnover and provide stability to his permanent and contract work force. During the past five years, Ware Technology Services has placed more than 15 entry-level Biomedical and Mechanical Engineers with the firm. These placements provide career building opportunities for young engineers at a great company and give them valuable experience within the medical device industry.

This was a win/win for the engineers and the company. While the candidates were getting their foot in the door to the medical device industry, the company got sharp, young professionals with strong technical aptitude, who were eager to learn. As a result, Ware Technology Services essentially created a feeder group of entry-level engineers who developed skills and experience on the job that made them attractive for hiring by other groups within the company.

Thermal Processing Equipment Manufacturer:
Technical school connections put staff expansion on fast track

THE CHALLENGE. When the company decided to expand manufacturing and start a second shift, it needed to hire 30+ trained Electrical Installers within two months’ time. The new hires would be expected to build panels, working shifts from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. and putting in 50+ hours each week.

THE ACTION PLAN. Ware Technology Services teamed up with area technical schools and their instructors to present the opportunities to students during their classes. Tapping into a broad network of technical school graduates and their associates, Ware Technology Services created a special referral bonus program to quickly find top candidates. In addition, Ware Technology Services leveraged its relationships with the technical schools to identify key indicators for success. After placing the Electrical Installers, Ware Technology Services stayed connected with them – even bringing doughnuts to training classes and holding a pizza party for employees and supervisors – in order to address any needs or concerns, thereby increasing retention.

THE RESULT. Ware Technology Services successfully assisted in staffing the second shift expansion, hiring 36 technicians during a three-month period. To keep up with demand, Ware Technology Services worked at a pace that required hiring 10 to 12 people in less than three weeks. Of these, only one candidate was let go for performance/attendance reasons – which is unheard of in this technical space. As a result of its performance in a highly competitive environment, Ware Technology Services became the client’s premier vendor for staffing and was given exclusive responsibility for filling Panel Builder openings.

Mid-Sized Plastic Injection Molding Company:
Ware Technology Services assumes HR role in significant business expansion

THE CHALLENGE. A plastics company, with no in-house human resources or recruiting capability, was looking to expand its presence in the medical device industry. In a down economy, they needed to find and hire top engineering talent, but could not afford to pay the large fees charged by some recruiting firms. At the same time, the company’s culture was in a transition phase.

THE ACTION PLAN. Ware Technology Services planned to serve as an extension of the company, identifying and recruiting highly-skilled engineers and technicians who would help improve company culture and increase profits. Ware Technology Services team members would immerse themselves in the culture, attending company meetings and trainings, as well as partnering with managers and decision-makers to quickly expand the staff, while providing salary surveys and educating them on hiring trends. Ware Technology Services also would assist in creating a new division, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, focused on medical device manufacturing.

THE RESULT. Ware Technology Services hired Engineering Managers, Quality Engineers, Program Managers, and Manufacturing Engineers, as well as Process Engineers and Technicians. While engaged in that process, Ware Technology Services helped update the employee handbook and helped create a better corporate environment. The new Advanced Manufacturing Engineering team ultimately led the company to secure more business within the medical device industry.

As a result of this success, other divisions of Ware Technology Services’ parent company, Atterro Human Capital Group, were given responsibility for all of the company’s staffing needs, from production workers to finance and accounting professionals – in addition to engineers and technicians.