Hunter Hamilton
Engineering Recruiters
Coach Biz job hunting tips

It’s an employee’s job market. With unemployment rates dropping and an estimated 36% of employers planning to add to their fulltime staff this year, many professionals are actively and passively looking for work. To improve your search, put these proven job hunting strategies into action:

  1. Refresh your cover letter. Avoid recapping the contents of your résumé in your cover letter. Instead, include new information, such as qualifications, personality traits, and work habits – and customize it for the job.
  1. Update your resume to fit the job. Tweak previous employment and achievements to better match the job description in the posting —without misrepresenting yourself, of course— and pull the most pertinent information to the top of each job entry. Do the same within your skills section or qualifications summary.
  1. Optimize your search with Google Alerts. If you have your eye on a certain employer, use Google’s alert function to inform you of new job postings and business opportunities. It’ll also notify you of any business happenings, so you’ll go into an interview well informed.
  1. Go mobile. Download at least one job-search app and the LinkedIn app to your phone. This will allow you to be productive when you have spare time.
  1. Use LinkedIn to your advantage. Update your LinkedIn profile to include keywords related to in-demand skills, qualifications, and accomplishments. According to a recent survey, 73% of recruiters have filled positions through social media – 79% of these hired from LinkedIn. To drive more traffic to your profile and establish credibility, publish content on LinkedIn to share your insights on your industry.
  1. Be open to new connections. Recruiters are often the first people to know about job openings. If a recruiter calls you about a job opportunity, take the time to listen whether you’re interested or not. The conversation could lead to a position that’s a much better fit to your goals and interests.

To remain competitive, you need to use everything in your arsenal. You have just one chance to make a good impression with a potential employer. Don’t let a lack of preparation get in the way of a great job.