Hunter Hamilton
Engineering Recruiters

6 Ways Volunteering Can Benefit Your Job Search

Volunteering helps non-profit organizations deliver their mission to improve the community. Giving back is also rewarding and fulfilling – and it can boost your career and job search! Here are six ways:

  1. Build a Network: Participation with a non-profit organization opens you up to a new network of people who may be able to connect you to a new opportunity.
  1. Fill Resume Gaps: When you have a break in employment, volunteering is a great way to shows that you’ve stayed active and involved in your professional life while looking for a job.
  1. Develop Skills: Develop marketable skills with volunteer work. By coordinating volunteer activities, for example, you’ll improve your organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills. Helping to organize a fundraiser will develop skills like project planning, time management, and teamwork.
  1. Share Values: Volunteer work shows that you are well-rounded and altruistic. It illustrates a commitment to social responsibility and community involvement.
  1. Differentiate Yourself: Highlighting your volunteer work will help you stand out in the job market. Most people do not include volunteer work on their resume.
  1. Find New Opportunities: Many find that volunteer work sparks a new interest and use this opportunity to transition into a new career. You can turn to your new network of fellow volunteers for help.

If you approach volunteering with genuine intentions, the return is a win-win! While you should never volunteer with the intention to “get ahead,” there certainly are ways that it can help your career and job search while helping your community.