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A Thanksgiving Message from CEO Geno Cutolo

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and gathering with loved ones over a delicious meal. While I’m looking forward to this holiday, I know that it will look and feel different this year – as it likely will for you, as well. This week’s Thanksgiving holiday is an opportunity to reflect on our many blessings. It’s easy to feel grateful when life is good, but what about difficult times?

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Ware Technology Services Employees: Want to receive your 2020 W2 faster?

Did you work for Ware Technology Services in 2020? Do you want to receive your 2020 W2 faster? When you elect to receive your W2 electronically, you’ll receive it sooner than you will through the mail. Plus, you won’t have to worry about sensitive information sitting in your mailbox. To elect to receive an electronic […]

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The Road to COVID-19 Recovery: October 2020

Our country continues to slowly march toward economic recovery with more people returning to the workforce. The recovery is still unknown, but according to a COVID-19 Staffing Needs Analysis conducted by Hanover Research for Staffmark Group and RGF Staffing, 43% of organizations expect to see a continued impact of COVID-19 on their organizations for the next six to 12 months.

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