Hunter Hamilton
Engineering Recruiters

If you’ve lost enthusiasm for your job or find your find yourself wishing the workday away, it’s time to look at ways to boost job satisfaction. Changing jobs is not necessarily always the solution. Simply changing how you think about your job can breathe new life into it.

Here are a few practical ways to boost job satisfaction:

1.) Take on a new project. Work on something you care about to boost your confidence and motivation. Start small, such as organizing a work-related celebration, before moving on to larger goals.

2.) Expand your skills. Ask your supervisor about cross-training if you’re feeling bored. If your company is launching a new project, volunteer for the team.

3.) Mentor a co-worker. A job can become routine once it’s been mastered. Help a team member advance his or her skills to regain your own job satisfaction.

4.) Stay positive. Use positive thinking to reframe your thoughts about your job. When you catch yourself thinking your job is terrible, stop the thought in its tracks. Likewise, try to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. Remember, everyone encounters good days and bad days.

5.) Learn from your mistakes. When you have a setback at work, learn from it and try again. If you receive a less than stellar review, ask about attending seminars or taking classes to improve your performance.

6.) Be grateful. Gratitude helps shift your focus to what is positive about your job. Find at least one thing you’re grateful for and savor it. If it’s only that you’re having lunch with a friendly co-worker, that’s OK.

7.) Focus on your passion. If your job satisfaction has waned, consider your current job as a welcome paycheck that allows you to focus your energy on interests outside of work. Sometimes work is simply a means to enjoy those things you’re truly passionate about.

There are many ways to restore meaning to your job and make the best of difficult work situations. Be creative as you think of ways to change your circumstances — or simply how you view your circumstances.